Dry Like Me Giveaway

Dry Like Me are the new, smarter way to potty train. The award-winning, handy little potty training pads turn all pants into potty training pants by adding an absorbent layer to give your little one extra confidence when learning to live without the nappy, and help to ease the pressures on you.

To celebrate the launch of their free summer potty training programme, Potty Training Live!, Dry Like Me is giving away a ‘Smarter Way to Potty Train’ pack worth £17 The packs contain each variety of award-winning Dry Like Me pads and a lovely reward chart and stickers – all the tools you need to help your little one achieve potty training success! 

Research shows that around the age of two years old is the best time to start potty training.  In fact, nappies could be ‘masking’ that your child is ready.  Look for the clues… 
Can your child communicate with you? 
Does he/she have good physical skills, such as being able to walk and climb stairs? 
Can he/she take direction, like being shown how to wash hands?  
If you answer yes to these and your little one is around two or more then don’t be afraid – go for it!
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