The Jungle Book: 2016 Movie

I've loved Disney films since I was a little girl and Jungle Book has definitely been within my top 10 Disney films. When I heard that The Jungle Book movie was coming out this year I knew that I wanted to see it. On Monday 22nd August it was released on DVD and Blueray and knew as soon as I had some free time I would be watching it!

In this new Jungle Book film they still have a few of the classic songs such as "The Bare Necessities," and "I Wanna Be Like You" but not as jazzy. The movie is very visually stunning and casts some famous names you may have heard of such as Scarlett Johansson, Bill Murray and Christopher Walken to name a few. 

The story is the same as the original: 
 Mowgli is found as a baby/toddler by a black panther called Bagheera. Bagheera takes the baby Mowgli to an Indian wolf pack he knows of and it is pack Rama and his mate Raksha that care for Mowgli.The film of course covers the death threats to Mowgli from the Bengal Tiger, Shere Khan. It's decided Bagheera should take Mowgli to the "Man Village" as it would be more safer for him.  On the journey of course Mowgli meets Kaa and King Louie too.

Overall I loved the film but I definitely prefer the  older version which will always stay a firm favorite. 

Have you watched the new 2016 The Junge Book? What did you think? If not than I'd love to know if its a film you plan on watching.

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