The Rental Market: My Experience

I've been renting now with Stuart for nearly 8 years and I'm not going to lie sometimes it can be extremely difficult. I moved out of the family home when I was 18 and wasn't ready for the shock reality of renting, however I'm glad I did it.  

Rental and other housing costs are increasing and work salaries aren't  which as a renter makes it a worrying situation. It's very difficult for us and others like us to afford rent/mortgages which is hence why a lot of people in their mid-late 20's are still living at home. 

This means we are now having to look at our budget and look into what we can cut back and on ways in which we can save money on our bills etc. We live in the south east and have found that as we have a direct route to London rental prices are pretty high compared to some other areas of the UK. 

Over the last 8 years we have dealt with a range of estate agents and our current home is our fifth home together. Some agents have been really good when we have had issues with the property and others not so good. We have only ever dealt with a landlord one to one once before. 

As a renter it's important for us to make sure we have insurance in case anything goes wrong and also important for landlords to be able to get cheap landlord insurance as well just in case. 

I can't see us in the future wanting to buy a place to rent out but HomeLet are launching a second edition of #LandlordsAdvice e-book that offers advice to landlords so will something worth reading if you are planning on renting out a place anytime soon. The e-book will include ​Including useful, insightful and expert information​ on the effect of #Brexit, the importance of good tenant referencing and using HomeLet's unique rental index dat​​​​a.