Bing! Show and other episodes

Round the corner, not far away, Blake's been watching Bing! today. 
STUDIOCANAL are pleased to announce the release of the final volume of season one of the popular Cbeebies program. Bing: show and other episodes is coming to DVD on October 17th 2016. 

It is the eighth and final volume in season one following Swing, Paddling pool, Fireworks, Surprise machine, Music and Cat. Blake is a huge fan of Bing! and has a few of the other volumes so he was excited when I received show and other episodes for him.

If you are not familiar with Bing! than the program celebrates the  noisy, joyful and messy reality of pre-school life.  The stories are all about everyday dramas that all young children and grown ups can relate to. 

The DVDs episodes are as follows: 
- Show
- Not yours
- Mine
- Woof
- Eggy head
- Toy party
- Mobile phone. 

We spent some of the weekend watching the episodes and Blake was glued to the TV for a good while,which meant we were able to get a few bits and bobs done.

If you want to get your own copy don't forget  it is released 17th October 2016

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