Message in a Bottle

Around April time I was given the opportunity to be a part of the launch team for a beautiful personalised book Message in a Bottle this project started out on Kickstarter and now 5 months later here is the book!

I have really enjoyed being part of the team and reading updates from Tuire and the team and putting my thoughts into how some of  the pages of the book look etc. 

When the book arrived I was so excited to see how it has turned out. I didn't even tell Stuart about it (how I kept quite I don't know). After seeing the pages on screen it was so exciting to see the book in print. The book is a personaslised one and you may know by now that I love personalised items. The hero of Message in a Bottle is a little bird Kiki, who loves an adventure and finds a message in a bottle and decide's to deliver the message to the owner. The book is personalised for your child including their name and address on the bottle, their name throughout the book and a very personal message in the back. 

When the book arrived, Stuart and I have had a read of it together.We are yet to read it to Blake as we going to give it to him for his Birthday in December but I know he is going to love it. 

The book itself  has breathtaking illustrations which are bright and colorful and even causes the reader to rotate the book. The book is eye catching and the pages of the book are of high quality paper, including the cover. 

One of the best bits of the book is that you get to read the letter in the bottle. After experiencing the adventure with Kiki you get to see what the letter says. 
We picked a special message from the selection offered and chose one especially for Blake's birthday. 

I love this book, its not just any book its a keepsake for Blake to have in years to come. 
It also has plenty of things for us to chat about such as the different animals and countries too. 

The book is very easy to create and there is a step by step guide on the website on how to do this. You can even include a photo of your choice that you would like to add on the page with the letter. 

We are really thrilled with the book and know others would love the book as much as I know Blake will.

If you would like to get your hands on a copy of the book than the first 10 of my readers to use code TM208U at the checkout will get 15% off the book.