Autumn/Winter essential's for men

It's no news that autumn/winter is my favorite time of year. This time of year is when you start to look at the things you need to add to your wardrobe for the colder months ahead. I like looking up women and men's fashion to see new things that have been released. 

So here are some men's clothing must haves for Autumn/winter:

A good pair of high quality men's denim jeans are ideal for the winter months for everyday wear. My husband only wears black jeans as other colors don't to suit him as well. 

perfect for keeping nice and cosy 

Long sleeve shirts 
Perfect for colder months and can look smart as well as for casual wear. Burgundy is my favorite color for this time of year so I love it when Stuart also wears a burgundy shirt.

Stuart has a very similar jumper and its ideal for layering when it gets a little colder. 

A good quality coat is important for the colder months. We love to go out for walks so it's a must have especially as we don't drive.

There are a great selection of of mens designer brands at the moment that are filled with great high quality items perfect for this time of year. 

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Jon said...

Interesting post! You are spot on when it comes to Jeans, I feel they are always worth spending that bit extra on to get the best quality ones you can!

Anonymous said...

Definitely time to think about autumn approaching. Good tips.

Unknown said...

Your post just reminded me that I really need to buy my husband some new clothes for the colder months ;)

Evelina said...

Great choices!

Newcastle Family Life said...

My other half really needs some new winter clothing, he has jeans and coats etc but he always wears t-shirts x

Natalia said...

I totally agree about the must have, and also those colors match everything, which is very convenient as they don't tend to think too much about those sorts of things hahah x

Kara Guppy said...

I need to re-do Hubby's wardrobe, he is a creature of habit

beautyqueenuk said...

Definitely need a scarf, one thing I look forward to wearing x

Jayne said...

Fab selection!
My husband is need of some more winter clothing, he lives in t/shirts! x

Unknown said...

Fab post. Loving the items here so much.

Unknown said...

Great post, think I'll have to get my hubby to wear jeans again. :)