What Blake Wore: Autumn/winter with Blade and Rose

Blade and Rose are known for their bright and colorful clothing, especially their leggings. 
They have launched a new selection of bright and fun clothing sets for babies and toddlers for this season. So prepare your little one for autumn/winter with Blade and Rose's new designs featuring: Paddie Pirate, Oheo Owl, crazy cat, pineapple and rainbow sets. 

The selection includes leggings, hats, bibs, socks, tops and even cute cuddly toys. 
I was sent a pair of their bright and colorful rainbow leggings in a size 2-3 years for Blake. 
I am very impressed with the quality of their leggings and they are true to size. 

I love the bright and colorful design of the leggings which is a popular design from Blade and rose at the moment. The leggings feature red, blue and yellow stripes with a cloud design on the rear.The rainbow set also includes a rainbow reversible bandana bib with colorful stripes and stars, a red star hoodie and a matching red chunky bobble hat all pictured above.  

I put Blake in his leggings with a red long sleeve top that I already have for him. 
I also tested out the leggings when he was in a cloth nappy and found that they fit perfectly over them, which I struggle when it comes to with his usual trousers and jeans. 

You can have a look at the full Blade and Rose autumn/winter range here.

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