Time to rethink your drink with Aspire

Aspire is a low calorie soft drink that has been rising in popularity in the heath food sector.
With it's Zero sugar and Zero calories this green tea infused health drink is a fab alternative to your usual sugary drinks. 

Asprie has come along way since I last mentioned them and now have 2 new flavors. As well as the original cranberry flavor you can now get apple and acai and the newest release mango lemonade. 

Mango lemonade has to be my favorite and I have been challenged recently for a week to rethink my drink and swap 2 of my usual soft drinks for 2 cans of Aspire a day. Over the week I noticed an improvement in my energy levels and have also been snacking a lot less than I would do normally.

Aspire is ideal for people who are wanting a healthy drink that boots energy levels during a busy day or seeking an healthy alternative to sugary soft drinks. Being a busy mum I find that I sometimes just need a little boost mid day as that's when my energy levels are a bit lower so having a can of Aspire during this time has really helped me. I also don't like to drink soft drinks that are high in sugar and tend to go for diet versions of fizzy pop so this was also another alternative for when I don't fancy something as fizzy. 

Have you ever tried Aspire?

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