Vintage Jewelry with Berganza jewellers

Berganza jewellers are a family-run jewellers based in Hatton Garden, London. There staff are knowledgeable and experienced in selling unique antique and vintage jewelry. 

There you are sure to find a range of unusual rings and jewelry due to there wide collection of  antique and vintage pieces. They supply only the finest quality pieces available, and ensure all their gems are natural untreated stones without enhancements. Basically, when you purchase a piece of fine vintage jewellery from Berganza, you are investing in a rarity.

If you are on the look out for an an antique engagement ring than Berganza is the place for you. They have such a wide range of different antique and vintage rings and there website showcases some of the most beautiful. 

If you see an item that you are interested in than you will want to snap it up asap. With each item being unique you will find that items are likely to sell quickly. The greater the interest in an item the quicker it will sell.

Do you love vintage and antique jewelry? Do you own any awesome pieces? 
What do you think of my two picks? 

I'd love to know as usual comment below. 

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