Importance of good quality office furnature

If you work in an office whether that is from home or otherwise its important to make sure that you are comfortable. Especially if like most office jobs you are sat down all day. 

The two most important items in an office for workers is their desk and most importantly their chair. It's important to have a good quality chair to prevent aches and pains and to also make sure you have breaks away from your desk to help with this. 

When it comes to how your office is when it comes to organisation is very important.
If you have a cluttered and messy office this can be a risk factor for stress. So it's important to have a good filing system for paperwork and so a filing cabinet from is a good idea. They have a great selection of cabinets so you will find one that is suitable for your office and your needs. 

As the office chair happens to be the most important item in the office here is a run down on the must haves for a comfortable office chair:

- Make sure you have a well padded, adjustable seat with a round front 
-Make sure the seat has a comfortable backrest that provides firm support for the middle and lower back. 
- A swivel function 
- A tilt feature
- Easy to use adjustment controls. 

As for your desk it needs to be glare free and have enough space for you be able to look at documents and use equipment needed. 

*In collaboration with Furniture At Work

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