Spring Garden inspiration

Now that spring is arriving it seems to be a time where people start looking into ideas for there gardens. As we live in a flat I have decided to compile some ideas of what I'd love to have if we had our own garden to enjoy.

First of all we would have to have a gorgeous garden dining set this for us would be a must as during the spring and summer months we would spend a lot of time outdoors. 
I can imagine making most of our meal times by dining alfresco and why not? whenever the weather is warm you need to make the most of it.  I'd also love to have some other garden furniture such as a sun lounger so I could relax with a book and soak up the sunshine. 

Other items I'd love to have would be some good lights for enjoying the garden in the evening. I love solar panel lights and feel they are perfect for path ways so you can see where you are going. I also like the idea of using lanterns with pillar candles to bring a relaxed mood to the garden. These would be prefect for on the dining table if you are having a romantic meal with your partner too. 

I've always dreamed of a garden with a little archway I think they are so sweet. I'd love to have one for a little private area of the garden.

 One thing both Stuart and I agree on with having our own garden is that we would love to have an area to grow our own fruit and veg. This is something we have always wanted to do when we discuss about having a place with our own garden. 

Last of all we can't forget things for Blake, I'd love for him to have his own swing and slide sets. Other items we would love for him to have is his own sand and water tray and a swimming pool for the hotter months. 

What are your dream garden ideas?

*In collaboration with Fishpools

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