Wilf Books Subscription Service

Recently I came across WILF books and got a chance to try out their subscription service. Blake really loves us reading to him as well as looking through books on his own and babbling away to himself. The 3 books that we were sent are great for his age and interests. We had a book based on sharing, Peppa Pig fun at the fair and Elmer's weather. 

When you first sign up you will be asked to fill in a survey so that they know more about your child such as their age, interests and what type of books they love to read.Your books will than be delivered to your door on the 1st of each month. 

Here is a handy guide on how WILF books works:

When it comes to signing up for a subscription you opt for a monthly, 3 month or 6 month subscription. When Blake's subscription arrived I loved that it was addressed to him with a little note inside for him on a postcard. 

The books: 

This is a great little book about sharing. Blake is at an age where I am trying to get him used to sharing toys etc when we are out and about with friends or at places where he needs to interact with other children. 

Peppa Pig fun at the fair
A book about going to the fair - Blake seemed to love the story although I was a bit put off with one of the sentences in the book which I personally thought was a bit sexist. 

Elmers Weather
Blake has an Elmer book already but not this one. I love that it tells you about all different types of weather to help kids with learning and with such a lovable character.  

Overall I feel the subscription is a fab idea as children love books and the service provides you with books suitable for your child's age and interests. It's great that your child gets it sent in their name and they get a personal note for them in the box. 

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