Leapfrog count along til #Review

I'm starting to try and get Blake more into his role play toys and trying to get him to enjoy using his imagination more. From a young age Blake has had his own toy phone and we got him his own toy kitchen for his 2nd birthday. He even has the Leapfrog number loving oven which he loves playing with. We recently got sent the Leapfrog count along till which I knew would be a hit with him.

The Leapfrog count along till comes with 8 colorful food pieces, 10 coins and a shopping card. When you press the buttons on the till it talks about the colors as well as numbers and counting. In total the till says over 50 phrases and educational songs to help aid with learning. 

When you have "scanned" the items press the total button and the till will tell you how many coins the total is. You can either put the coins through the little slot as a self service till or if you press the red button it opens up the till so it can be used when playing with others as a shopkeeper/customer scenario. At the side of the screen is a slot for swiping the card for card transactions or i guess can be used a reward me card.

The count along till like all of the Leapfrog toys Blake owns has two volume settings. The till also takes 3x AAA batteries which are also included. 

Blake loves the till with its cheery voice and loves scanning his shopping. I am hoping that the toy will also help to encourage him with his speech as well as color and number recognition and counting skills. 

The Leapfrog count along till retails at £19.99 and sold in most well known toy shops and Amazon. 

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