Postpartum Hair Loss

My hair has always been fine and not in the best condition the one and only time that it was I was pregnant. I loved that my hair was finally in top tip condition, however I was aware of postpartum hair loss as I had read about it in my pregnancy book.

Like with most things I found about pregnancy and having a child nothing really prepares you no matter how much you read up on it. I didn't notice it at first and then I started noticing that my hair was getting everywhere. It was clingy to my clothes and I started to notice it in the bath tub after I showered. It wasn't just a matter of small amounts falling out either on a few occasions I noticed it come out in clumps which I was not prepared for.

Even now approaching nearly 2 and half years later I still have wispy bits around my forehead which I am lucky enough to be able to hide. You can of course do many things to help hide the loss of hair such as having a new hair cut, changing the color/style or even  getting Advanced Tricho Pigmentation Treatment which is basically a hair transplant which can give you high quality results. 

Looking after my hair is important to me and so I make sure to try and keep it in the best condition that I can. I also like to find ways to make my hair look fuller. 

Here are some of my hair care tips: 

- Comb wet hair gently. 
Wet hair is more fragile and I tend to use a tangle teezer to brush my hair when wet which works for me as I am able to brush out tangles without damaging my hair. 

- Trim your hair regularly. 
don't do it every 6 to 8 weeks as recommended however I don't leave it for long periods without getting a trim. Getting your hair trimmed regularly also helps it to grow and can help get rid of split ends. 

- Use the right shampoo type
I use volumising shampoo since my hair is so fine, I also like to find a shampoo that is suitable for using daily that nourishes my hair.

- Not use heat too often 
Most of the time I let my hair dry naturally and if i'm not going out I'll make sure that I don't use straighteners. 

- Use a heat protector 
There are many out there and if I use heat on my hair I make sure that I use one.

- Drink plenty of water
This goes without saying really as drinking plenty of water helps not only your hair. 

If you are a mum did u have postpartum hair loss? If so what did you do help keep your hair looking in tip top condition.