Simple Ways To Update Your Rented Home

When it comes to updating a rented home it can be tricky as there is only so much you are able to do. If you are already renting or plan to rent soon here are some ideas of things you can do to update your home. 

Choose some gorgeous bedding and cushions. This can give the bedrooms an instant update.

New cushions, throws, vases, ornaments, flowers, candles they all can make your rented home feel more personal. 

You can change the blinds/curtains  in your home to suit your style as long as you put the ones originally there back up when you move out. VELUX blinds have a wide range of different ones to choose from. For example you may want to use black out blinds in your child/rens bedroom. You can also purchase different colours and designs. 

Wall art 
Most rented homes have the usual magnolia coloured walls which can be boring so putting up art work or family photos is a great idea to make the place more personal and homely. 
We are lucky that some rooms in our home have hangings and we got permission to add a few more. However if you don't than command hooks are the way to go.

If you can afford to upgrade your furniture great, if not than there are a few things you can do: 

- Second hand 
places like freecycle are great as some people are getting rid of great quality items for free. 
Charity shops are also a great place to look to find pieces that aren't as expensive. Also see if family members are getting rid of anything. We recently got a coffee table and TV unit off my sister as her and her boyfriend as they were getting rid of them.

- Upcycle 
You can find loads of ideas online and Pinterest is a great place to start. A lot of our furniture is Ikea and I like the ideas that others use to make their pieces look much different. 

Fun wall Decals
You can purchase a wide range of wall decals they are peel off stickers that can make a wall in your room look more colourful and unique. 

Do you rent? Do you have any more ideas on to update your rented home? 

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