Tips for starting your own blog

So you want to start your own blog, first of all I would read this post I did about how much hard work goes into blogging. If you are still interested in taking the plunge than hopefully this post will help you out a little. 

Even though I have been blogging for five years now I'm definitely no expert this is just a bit of advice since I have been asked quite a bit over the years about how to go about it. 

Decide on a blog name
This was my first step before I decided to sign up to blogger. I found this bit  really tricky so decided to go with my name. It's a good idea to go for something that is easy to remember and not complicated with loads of xxx's for example. 

Purchase your own domain 
If you want to be serious about blogging than it's a good idea to purchase your own domain. I did this about 3 years ago now and it's opened a lot of opportunities when it comes to getting sponsored/guest posts. I purchased my domain from 1,2,3 reg however there are other websites you can also purchase your domain name from. The cost of your own domain isn't too bad either I think I paid something like £5.99 for 3 years or something like that. 

Set up social media
One of the things that has really helped me when it comes to blogging is setting up a Facebook, twitter and Instagram pages. Make sure you stick with the same name of your blog if you can so you can be easily found. I make sure that regularly post on these pages and interact with my followers. 

When it comes to blogging the main things you will need are a laptop and a camera. However I do have a range of other items I like to have to help me which I will do a post on very soon. 

When it comes to the content of your blog you need to blog for you. Write in your own style and write what you are passionate about. Its important to work out what your niche is for example do you like fashion/beauty or are you wanting to share your parenting journey. 

When it comes to content it's important to blog regularly, by posting regularly you will gain readers who will come back time and time again. When possible I try to blog between 3 and 5 times a week although there are a few quiet periods here and there. 

I include photos in nearly EVERY post, posts without images can look boring and if I see it that way than my followers would too. When it comes to posts most people will be drawn in by the images. I also make sure that all my images are the same size, there is nothing worse than a post which has different sized images as it's irritating. 

When it comes to the images I use, i like to not just use photos but I like to use digital design bundles to make up my own fun images and quotes.

Working with brands

When it comes to working with brands it takes a lot of time and effort to build relationships and to get your blog noticed. If you are wanting to set up a blog to earn money or "freebies" than you are blogging for the wrong reasons. 

Opportunities don't come easy, It  took me 7 months of blogging, as well as reviewing items I had purchased myself for me to get my first review item. At that point I didn't even know that receiving review items and getting sponsored posts were a thing. I started off getting small low value items to review and now I get some higher value items and sponsored/guest posts.

When it comes to getting opportunities  most of the time brands will contact me. I also find opportunities over on twitter and Facebook and also by pitching with brands I'd like to work with. 

Overall when it comes to blogging you have to have fun. Enjoy what you do and try not to worry too much when it comes to your stats. 

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