What to look for when visiting pre-schools

I can hardly believe that the time has come to start looking at pre-schools for Blake. It doesn't seem at all possible that he is two and a half and that he will be potentially looking into starting somewhere in September. 

So far we have looked at one pre-school which we liked as Blake seemed to like it there when we visited and its not much of a walking distance either which is handy. We are also planning to visit another pre-school which is more further out which I've heard good things about. 

It's got me thinking about the things to look out for when visiting and choosing a pre-school for little ones. 

How your child reacts
You will know if the pre-school is right for your child by how they are in the setting when you visit. You may notice that they are happy to go off and play which we found with Blake which is very unusual of him to do. It's so important to look around different settings with your child so you can both get a feel for them. 

Is the pre-school easy for you to get to?  For example we don't drive so need to choose a pre-school that is within a reasonable walking distance. If you do drive you will need to think how long it will take to get there and also consider traffic. 

Does the pre-school have a wide range of good quality toys and offer a variety of activities?
Are there toys/activities that encourage your child to use their imagination and be creative? Do they have age appropriate books? with a comfy reading area? These are a few things to look out for. 

Outdoor space
Does the pre-school have a spacious area for children to explore and be able to have plenty of physical activity? The pre-school we have looked at has a good outdoor area and they can use the playground when it's not in use by the school children. 

Children thrive on routine which makes them feel secure so a routine is important for them to know what happens next during their time at pre-school. It also means that staff have taken great care when it comes to planning their day. 

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