Getting medical advice / seeking treatment online

So many people are turning to the internet when it comes to being unwell and not able to get an appointment with their GP. It's important when looking for advice online that you use a reliable site such as The Independent Pharmacy to get professional medical advice online.This way you know that you are getting the correct advice for minor illnesses and ailments. 

There are many common conditions that the Independent pharmacy can help give advice with from migraines to conditions such as bacterial vaginosis. They are also able to advise the best over the counter medications for your condition. 

I really don't like seeing my GP unless absolutely necessary and so I've found looking online for the best over the counter medications ideal for me. I have used them for advice on a range of minor ailments and saved both my time and my GPs. 

During the summer I suffer from Hayfever which of course is annoying and during winter I tend to get coughs and colds frequently. This means that by seeking advice online, for example the best cough medication depending on the type of cough I have. 

When getting advice and treatment online it is important to read the instructions and use them as advised. 

Have you ever got medical advice / sought treatment online?

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