Kick Starting My Weightloss With FatBlaster

My weight has always yo-yo'd and losing weight and keeping it off is something that I have always struggled with. I find that I graze a lot during the day and don't always opt for the healthy option. One of the things I want is to be able to feel fuller for longer. 

FlatBlaster is the number 1 weight loss brand in Australia which has now arrived in the UK. Their aim is to improve people’s confidence about their health and body through weight loss. They've helped thousands of people around the world lose weight through the fundamental learning of safe, healthy and effective weight loss.

I was sent three of their products to trial and see if they help me. The products are FatMagnet, appetite suppressant and meal replacement shake (available in chocolate and strawberry).

For the first week I took two appetite suppressants half an hour before each meal with plenty of water. Along side this I used the meal replacement shakes for breakfast and dinner. 

The high protein meal replacement shakes are specifically designed for healthy and safe weight loss results in a convenient and delicious shake. The unique shake blend contains 19g of protein and is nutritionally complete with 22 vitamins and minerals and only 6.9g of sugar per serving.

The Appetite Suppressant contains the hunger busting fibre Glucomannan which reduces your appetite and helps you to feel fuller for longer, it also maintains normal blood cholesterol levels. 

I found the first week to be a bit tough going.The shake I went for was the strawberry flavour which I had with almond milk and I found it pleasant to drink. I found that the shakes combined with the appetite suppressant worked well for me between breakfast and lunch however really struggled between lunch and dinner and found that on a few occasions I was snacking on unhealthy foods.

Once the week was up I started taking two FatMagnet tablets 15 minutes before each meal. I wasn't sure how well they would work for me as I've never been one for taking tablets to aid weight loss before. I have heard of people finding that most tablets go through them however FatMagnet doesn't work like that. 

FatMagnet is scientifically proven to bind fat from the foods you eat, perfect for anyone looking to reduce fat absorption and lose weight. Containing LipomylTM, a unique weight loss fibre, it binds up to 60x its own weight in fat . Plus it’s gentle on your system, stripping fat and maintaining your normal vitamin levels. FatMagnet is a registered medical device with proven efficacy and weight loss results.

Left:Before Right: After

Left:Before Right: After

Over the course of a month trying out the FatBlaster range I managed to lose 5lb. I do feel that if I hadn't struggled with the first week it would have definitely lost a bit more. I have noticed that my clothing is more baggier and I have even managed to fit into a few items of clothing I had in my wardrobe which were a size smaller. I'm hoping that as I have become a bit more aware of what I have been eating that now I am able to stick at going for healthier options.