Vaping - the way to go?

Smoking is a habit that many smokers want to change whether that be cutting down or stopping completely. The reason that this may not happen is due to lack of willpower as it's something that is so addictive. I know this as my father was a heavy smoker and found it extremely hard to quit as it's such an addiction, especially for those that have been smoking for a long time. As a teenager I dabbled in smoking however was lucky not to get addicted and was able to quit easily which isn't the same for many people. 

Smoking for many people is a way to help them to relax or also a habit they do in social situations. We all know by cutting back and eventually quitting is beneficial for our health however many smokers worry about nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Going cold turkey isn't always the best solution and so with Vaping over time growing in popularity. Electronic cigarettes and their e-liquids are a great alternative to traditional cigarettes as over time electronic cigarettes can help you to cut down on your smoking habit with a practical alternative and hopefully this will lead eventually quitting.

Smoking of course can be an expensive habit with the average cost of a 20 pack being around the £10 mark. I know a few people who smoke and also know a few who now vape which got me interested into looking more into the idea. I'm not a smoker myself however my husband does smoke cigars a few times a week, so feel that this could be something that he would benefit from as an alternative. 

When looking up more info on vaping I came across who sell a wide range of e-cigarettes and liquids including starter kits for those that are new to vaping. They also sell a wide selection of kits for the more experienced vapers. They also sell a wide range of accessories and different flavoured liquids in funky names such as Mr Macaroon, mad hatter and lazy bear to name a few. They also sell the usual nicotine flavoured liquid for those that still want the taste of nicotine whilst moving from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. 

I think that vaping is such a good idea for helping smokers to cut down/ stop smoking. E-cigarettes can help to combat the urge to smoke with giving you feeling of holding a cigarette, smoking and stress relief that smoking can bring.

This said in mind vaping also has a fraction of the health risks and cost too which is a win/win. With various flavoured liquids and different nicotine strengths its a great way to encourage traditional smokers to make the swap. 

I hate the smell of traditional cigarettes even though I grew up in a household where my father smoked and as I said I dabbled a bit with it in my teens too. However with vaping there are more fragrances which it means that it's a bit more pleasant. 

I feel that anything that is going to help people save money and help them kick a bad habit is a good idea.

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