The Dream Family Home

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that finds themselves daydreaming from time to time of their dream family home. I'm definitely guilty of looking through right move at the homes on offer in our local area. Unfortunately for us the chances of buying our own home is pretty slim at the moment and the rental market prices are sky high too. This means we are most likely going to be stuck renting in our 2 bed flat for awhile yet. 

One of the things I find myself doing from time to time is the lotto and keeping my fingers crossed as I check the online lottery results that one of us would win enough to buy our own home. 

So what is my dream home? Well my dream home would be a good size for the three of us with a few spare rooms. One would be in case we have another child and one that would be turned into a games room especially for Stuart. The kitchen would be a good size so that we have room to keep all our kitchen gadgets in. 

The living room would be big enough to have a gorgeous corner sofa in as currently we only have a 2 seater. I love having an electric fire place in our flat so I'd love to have one of them too. I would have enough storage space in our hallway to store coats, the buggy and other bits and bobs tidily. 

We would also have a dining room for sitting down together as family to eat our meals with no distractions of the TV. There would also be a play room for Blake with plenty of storage so that everything could be kept organised and tidy. 

We would have 2 bathrooms one which would be attached to mine and Stuart's room and a family bathroom. But of course one the best things would be that we would have a much wanted garden. The garden would have enough space for Blake to have a swing and slide set as well as a sand pit and his own little play house. There would also be an area for us to grow our own fruit and veg as well as an area for plants. 

Another must have for our home would be an office area of my own so that I can blog. It would definitly have to have views over the garden and have windows which I can have light flooding in for my blog photos. 

Of course for now it's all just a dream, maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to own that dream house. 

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