Blake at 3 years old

Blake turned 3 on the 16th December He is unfortunately behind in some areas of his development especially when it comes to his speech and understanding.  Pre-school as well as other professionals are really helping and we are starting to do PECs (picture exchange communication) with him which is really going well. He still doesn't say an awful lot however at least we are getting support with him. We are currently awaiting a referral to the community paediatric service, hopefully we will soon know more about what is going on. There has been talk that he shows a few signs of autism and I guess this is something that will be talked about as I don't really know that much about autism other than info I have found on google.

Some info about Blake:

Favourite Toys -  Toilet train Bing, Cars, train set, building blocks, Iggle Piggle soft toy
Favourite place to go - The park
Favourite colour - Blue
Favourite Food - Beans and sausages
Favourite Book - Currently  Bings Noisy Day. In general he loves interactive books that make noises or have flaps to lift.
Favourite word to say - Bubbles
Favourite TV Programme - In the night garden/ Bing
Favourite Animal - Cats
Favourite song - Old McDonald had a farm 
Favourite thing at Pre-school - Being outside

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