Fisherprice Potty Train Bing! (Review)

Even though Blake is almost 3 he is yet to be potty trained as we feel that he just isn't ready yet and pre-school and have confirmed it too. I know it's going to be hard when the time comes though to get him to understand he needs to do his business in a potty or toilet. 

Fisherprice are great when it comes to educational toys and when I found out that they are released the Toilet Train Bing I just knew that it would be perfect for Blake to get use to the idea over time. 

The toy is such a soft and cuddly toy for your little Bingster and is great fun playing games. But wait we need to stop for the toilet train! Bing will let you know that he needs to use the toilet, sit him down on his potty and then you will hear a flush when he has finished. 

If Bing doesn't make it in time uh-oh he has a unique illuminating feature shows that Bing has wet himself.

Potty train Bing is a fun way to support your child when it comes to toilet training. Blake adores him and carries him around a lot throughout the day. Blake is yet to understand that he needs to put Bing on the potty so it's something that we need to help encourage him with.

What we love most about Bing is that he just isn't all about the potty but he also has fun games too.  Games such as hide and seek, boo, telling a story etc so that children can enjoy playing with him too.