Snowman Jar Craft

I'm loving that Blake is getting more into crafts and I came across this sweet snowman jar craft recently and it's a great activity to for us to do together.  It's perfect for storing bits and pieces or as a fun container for gifts! Or even if like me you could use it with a LED tea light. 

You can purchase the snowman jar bundle at Hobbycraft for £5 although you may find that you have most of the items already at home. All you need other than the bits in the kit is PVA glue and your good to go at making your own snowman jar which is simple to make. 

So how do you make it?

1. Unscrew the lid on the jar and cover the glass base in PVA glue.

2. Over a piece of paper sprinkle the white glitter onto the glue and shake off the excess.

3. While that dries, take the lid and glue a pipe cleaner over the centre, at the ends of the pipe cleaner glue two large red pompoms.

4. Once your jar is dry glue on two black buttons for eyes and then cut a cone shape out of felt for a carrot nose and glue in place.

I think you could even make your own designs too such as Santa and Rudolph depending on what items you have in your kids craft kit. 

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