How to ensure your Party is Child-Friendly

*This is a collaborative guest post

Hosting a children’s party can be a nightmare, considering you have to somehow keep them all entertained, fed, watered and, most important of all, safe. If you have opened your home up to an army of little boys and girls, you can guarantee that if there is anything that is unsafe for children in arm’s reach, they are going to find it.
Don’t worry if it is your first time hosting a child’s party as even more seasoned, battled-hardened, parents get into a tizzy about making sure the home is safe. Just in case you are unsure as to whether you have covered all bases, below are our top tips for ensuring your party is child-friendly.

Remove Choking Hazards
Depending on how small the children are that you have come over, removing any potential choking hazard is a must. Small plastic toys, ornaments and anything else that is insight that you think an unknowing child may want to put into their mouth.
This also means that you should be smart with any keepsakes and party games that you are planning. Keep to age-appropriate games that kids can play as a group to avoid them from breaking up – it’s much harder to keep an eye on what they are doing when they are not altogether.
Plastic to a Minimum
As well as presenting a possible choking hazard, plastic can be a nightmare full-top. Children may decide to play with plastic bags and put them over their heads, which as we know can cause suffocation. On top of being a safety hazard, plastic is certainly not the most eco-friendly option that you can make use out of.
Paper bags are a safer and much more environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic that children can use to play with and take home any party favours. You can find a vast array of paper bags available  in eco-friendly assortments.
Keep Pets at a Safe Distance
You obviously love the family pooch, and so too does your little one. However, not everyone may be as fond of dogs as you and could actually have a fear of them. It is not uncommon for children, who likely have not grown up around dogs, to be uneasy around a dog that may be the same size or bigger than them.
Even if it is in your dog’s nature to be friendly and introduce themselves, this could strike panic into the child and may lash out. Also, your dog may not contend well with numerous children running about the place where he would usually relax, so it is probably best to keep a safe distance between the children and pets.
In the modern day, electricals present the biggest safety hazard for children in the home. Faulty wiring and open plug sockets are an accident waiting to happen. Ensure that all unused plug sockets are turned off and, better yet, are filled in with a safety plug, prohibiting children from attempting to force fingers into the holes.
If you have a number of electrical devices plugged into the same socket via an extension, you must make sure that a surge protector is fitted. This way, children can use as many electricals as they please without fear of the plug socket blowing up.
Food Allergies
Lastly, when inviting your children’s friends round for a party where food will be served, ask other parents for any special dietary needs. It can be easy to overlook a nut allergy and serve a snack that may contain nuts.
It is the parent's responsibility to advise of any allergies, but it is always best to be safe than sorry and double check before serving any food if you do not know for certain.

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