Book Review: Daisy Chain by Kirstie Malone

I love a good thriller especially ones that keep me guessing what's going to happen next and has lots of twists and turns. When author Kirstie Malone got in touch, asking if I would review her debut novel Daisy chain i jumped at the chance.

Title: Daisy chain 
Author: Kirstie Malone 
Blurb: Road trips, house parties, Tequila Tuesdays, dreams for their futures; a fun, loveable force to be reckoned with. No-one but each other.
Sirens, blood, tears, police tape, a crime scene. Broken hearts and a broken bond. Sad goodbyes and words they thought they’d never say. One by one, until there was nothing left…
When Karen, Jason, Jessica, Bradley and Veronica find themselves back together after twenty years apart, some are more keen than others to fix their broken bond but as secrets and lies are revealed about their University days and life since they split, the group are left in pieces. Can they fix their damaged friendship or was the reunion party the beginning of the end?

The book goes between the present day and university days where you learn the backstory of each of the five characters. This is where you learn more about each of characters relationships and personalities. As much as they try and reunight their friendship there are many screats and lies revealed along the way from what went on in their university days to life since they last all saw each other. Throughout the book I found myself constantly changing my mind about how I felt about each of the characters. If you read the book will understand why and most likely feel like I do about them.  The story shares how relationships can be broken beyond repair and how others can get back on track.

Daisy chain is a gripping, thriller with plenty of twists and turns along the way. The book is such a page turner and I was unable to put it down. I can't wait to see what comes next from Kirstie Malone.

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