Half term, Converse and These Shallow Graves #LittleLoves

This week with it being half term has been a busy but fun one. With soft play, lunch with friends, visiting my mum, pancakes, Valentine's and more. I've loved making memories to look back on however I'm looking forward to getting back into a routine next week. 


These shallow graves by Jennifer Donnelly
I've recently started this book and am slowly getting into it. I need to make more time to read this coming week now that half term is nearly over. I've definitely wasted too much of my free time scrolling through Facebook though. The story is about a wealthy family, a deadly secret and a young woman with more to lose than she knows. The story is based in New York during the 1890's.

The little book of inspiration by Lucy Lane 
Whatever dream you are working towards, a few wise words can help a daunting challenge seem manageable. This uplifting little book is packed with inspiring quotations and simple but effective tips to help you get the most out of every day. This is such a lovely little book to dip in and out of when you need a little pick me up.


We've managed to watch a few films together this week which has been lovely.
The first we watched was cars 3, Blake is really into lightning McQueen at moment and owns many cars related toys and clothing. The second film we watched was Boss baby which I just really loved as its such a funny and family friendly film. Last of all Stuart and I watched the new IT film on Valentine's evening. I wasn't too sure what to expect as I've never watched the original version or read the book. I have to add that I do have a fear of clowns however I didn't find the film scary at all, it was good though.


Blake has been humming to the baby shark song below so we decided to find it on YouTube for him listen to. It will get stuck in your head, you can thank me later.


With it being half term we planned a few days out this week to keep Blake entertained. We started with soft play on Monday, lunch out on Tuesday with friends and visiting my mum on Thursday. 


I've finally got a new pair of glasses and can see much better! My eyes had changed and Specsavers messed up my new pair so I opted to get a refund and go elsewhere. This meant waiting longer however I'm happy with my new pair.

I've also been wearing a new pair of converse pumps that I have been sent to review. They are so comfy and I'll definitely be wearing them more once spring/summer arrives. They are perfect for busy mums like myself as I can throw them on with any outfit and they will go perfectly for everyday. 

And lastly...

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