Happy, Self care and essential oils #LittleLoves

It's been an awful week for me. Last Friday and Saturday I was too exhausted to do anything and thought it was due to being so busy during half term. I was wrong I woke up Sunday morning feeling dreadful! It turns out I have a chest infection. The only time I've been out this week was to my Drs appointment to get me some antibiotics. I've been very lucky to have both my husband and in laws around to help out so I can rest and get better.

Saying that I still have managed to have some little wonderful things.


Happy by Fearne Cotton 
This is my current read that I am dipping in and out of its filled with Fearne's advice, exercises, tips and tricks drawn from her experiences in regards to mental health and being Happy. I have also been using the happy journal that goes along side the book from the beginning of the year.

The Daily struggles of Archie Adams by Katie Kirby (Author of Hurrah for gin)
I love parenting books like Katie's and it was no surprise to me that I finished this book off within 24 hours this week. I loved her first book which I read just as quick.

The Killing
An American Drama series I came across on Netflix. It's a crime/murder mystery series. I'm not sure if its just me but I find it hard to decides what to watch next on Netflix as there always seems to be some great sounding shows. If you like crime/murder mystery programmes than I think you will like this one. 

Nothing new this week.


The decision to start focusing more on self care. Being poorly has made me realise I need to stop stressing but also take care of myself more such remembering to take vitamins, have a relaxing bath/facemask etc. I've loved journaling so far this year and its really helping  me too.


No make up this week its been good letting my skin breath. I've also spent most of the days inmy dressing gown feeling or cosy.

And lastly...

I've been getting into the idea of using essential oils and so I have been using a diffuser I purchased from Amazon. I also ordered some oils and have been looking up natural uses for them such as making my own shower steamers.

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