Importance of checking your tyres regularly

*This is a collabrotive post

When it comes to car maintenance it is important to get your car serviced once a year and also keep a check yourself on important parts of your car, for example your tyres. 

This way you can make sure that your car is operating correctly and is safe. Prevention is key; for example having high quality tyres is important. If your tyres aren't checked regularly and in great condition than you are risking both  yours and other peoples lives as its so dangerous. 

Getting a full professional car service isn't just about making sure that it meets manufacturers requirements but also finding and fixing any niggles along the way, to prevent any future problems that could be costly. 

When it comes to checking tyres the main things to look out for are:

- That they are the right size and type for your car
- That the tyres have  tread depth of a miniumum of 1.6mm.
- That all tyres are inflated to their recommended tyre pressures
- That there aren’t any cuts, tears or bulges on any of them

If you are found to have any problems and are caught driving you could be hit with a fine, points on your licence or banned from driving altogether. Of course on top of that you are risking far too much as accidents are more likely to happen. All this is prevented by making sure that you check them often. 

If you have a busy lifestyle it is understandable that you need to find time and its so important to do so thats why there is the option of buying high quality tyres online. Check out! Iverson tyres Farnham Common branch for best car servicing.

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