Make Cash From Your Clutter

 Do you ever look around your home and think crap I so need to declutter but have no idea where to start? This is me at the moment, I feel like we have far too much stuff and no room for it all. Everything should have its own place to go however it doesn't in our home. 

I'm making it my mission this coming weekend to start decluttering, I'm not going to put too much pressure on myself to get everything done at once but it would be great to make a start.

Here are some of my ideas on how I'm going to do it:

- Do little and often 
For me I be decided to do one room at a time and then to keep on top of it I can then do smaller areas once a day like my bed side drawer.

- Method
Get some boxes one for rubbish, one for donating and another for selling. All items you want to keep you have to find a place for.

- Dont get sentimental 

Places to donate:

When it comes to your donate pile there are actually a few places you can donate items.
- charity shops 
- friend's /family 
-free cycle
- homeless shelters 
-waiting rooms ( ideal for books and magazines) 
Turning clutter into cash

Once you have got your selling pile together its time to get cracking.

There are many places you can start selling such as:

- EBay
-Facebook groups
-car boot sales ( when the weather is nicer) 
- gumtree
- CEX for items such as phones, dvds, games etc
- Through an auction house like BPI Auctions.

These are some of the easier ways of selling items and a lot of them are great for bulk selling.