Big Little lies, Exercising and Joma Jewellery

These past two weeks seem to have gone in a blur for me. We had an appointment for Blake last week to see someone about his developmental delay. There is talk of him maybe having autism so he is now going to have to go through tests before we get a definite yes or no. We've also had Mothers day where we got to have a lovely afternoon tea together.  

Anyway lets get on with what I have been loving the past two weeks.

Over the space of two weeks I've managed to fit in 3 books that I absolutely love. 

A cottage in a woods by Cass Green 
I found this book so gripping it was hard to put down and I found myself reading through it very quickly. This is definitely a great physiological thriller and I fully reccomend giving it a read.

Blood Sisters By Jane Corry 
Another thriller by author who wrote My husbands wife. The story is of 3 girls. One good, one bad, one dead. There seems to be mixed views on this book. If you have read it I'd love to know what you thought of it.

Big Little Lies By Liane Moriarty
This has to be my favourite read from the past two weeks. I'm a huge fan of Liane Moriarty's books and so I picked up a copy of big little lies from my TBR pile. 


The past 2 weeks i've not watched much as i have spent most of my free time reading. I watched Girl on a train finally as i read the book awhile ago, Unfortunately I was very disappointed with it. 

Other than that as I've been reading Big Little Lies as of last night I've started to watch the series that I was given as a Christmas gift. I like to read the books before I see it on the screen so I had been holding out until now.


On Wednesday we heard the sad news of professor Stephen Hawkin passing away at the age of 76. I'll leave you with a quote below.

I made the desicion this week to get back into exercising. I've decided to do it slowly and start with doing 15 mins 3 times a week and build myself up. I've got the Joe wicks exercise Dvd and so far I've been enjoying doing the exercises.


Blake got me a cute bracelet for Mothers day by Joma Jewellery which I've been wearing. It's silver plated and the follow your heart one which is really sweet and its one I'll be wearing all the time.

 And lastly..

I've been getting into creative writing. I've got a few books that gives you things to write about. Very similar to the journals i love with prompts but with writing promptsto get my imagination going.

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