Eleanor Oliphant, George Ezra and Easter Crafts

I really don't where this week has gone it definitely has gone super fast.  Even better is that it is bank holiday and also the first day of half term for us. Blake doesn't go back until the 17th so it means we can make the most of the next few weeks or so meeting up with friends etc.

I've found it really hard to write this week's post as I feel I just haven't really done much. Even so here are some of the things I've been loving this week.


I've found this week I've mainly been focused on enjoying reading in the evening's when Blake is in bed. I'm glad that persevered with Matt Haig's how to stop time as I got more into it and enjoyed it in the end. If you have read it do you feel it was a slow start?

I've also have jumped on the bandwagon to read Eleanor Oliphant by Gail Honeyman. It seems to be mentioned everywhere at the moment I've seen in mentioned not only on others #LittleLoves posts but also on Instagram and a few Facebook pages/groups I follow. I'm actually really enjoying it as its definitely my type of read.I definitely think I'm going to have finished reading it by the end of the weekend. 

I also grabbed a copy of In the moment magazine after seeing it mentioned by Emma at A Cornish Geek  the magazine is similar to Breathe magazine which I also love. The next copy of In the moment is out on the 3rd of April and now I know where I can get a copy locally I'll definitely be picking one up!

I've really struggled with getting into anything to watch this week as I've just not been feeling it. I really want to get into a good Netflix series but nothing seems to be gripping me. I'm wondering if its because I'm just overwhelmed with so much choice. I've even found I'm not that bothered in watching Hollyoaks either at the moment like I normally do weekdays. 


I'm still getting through listen to the Happy Mum, Happy Baby pod cast atm and I've also come across a few others I want to listen to once I've finished.

I'm also getting into George Ezra's new album Staying at Tamara's. I especially love the song paradise.


I made a start on putting together Blake's Easter basket I've included 2 books which I pop in each year along with a cuddly rabbit in a carrot which also comes out each year! I've also added a game called animal sounds which was reccomend by preschool as a way to help his development. Then we have the Hey Dugge Stick badge DVD and playmobil egg. All I neec to do now is add chocolate.

I also managed to do a craft activity I saw on pinterest I think it turned out well. Blake only put the stickers on and taking them off again but I enjoyed dong this even though I'm definitely not a crafty person.


Not the best of photos however Blake's been wearing new Bing bunny pjs. He has also been moving into some of his 4-5 years clothing as they fit him a lot better. 

 And lastly...

All being well weather wise we are planning to head to a national trust place tomorrow to do an Easter egg hunt. I'm hoping it doesn't rain as the last thing I want to do is be hunting for eggs when its chucking it down.