Help I've got an unexpected cost!

Oh no! An unexpected bill has landed in your letter box and you can't afford to pay it! So what do you do? First of all don't panic or bury your head in the sand. No matter how careful you are with your budget unexpected bills or a bill that is higher than usual do happen. The way you react to it, its important and there are things that you can do. Here are some tips and tricks to help you out.

Borrow from family/friends 
This is the one thing I feel really uncomfortable about personally. However if you have a family or friend who can help you out than make sure you have a payment plan in place for paying them back.

Selling unwanted items
I like to declutter when I get the chance and its a great way to make some extra money to pay off that bill. There are many places you  can sell items such as EBay, car boot sales, auctions and Facebook selling pages.

With the payment deadline looming you may feel a loan is your only option. Zippa Loans are a great option for borrow up to £500. You can repay weekly or monthly and chosen repayment period. With it being an online loan its easy to apply with a 2 minute application. You will then get an answer within 2 hourUpon completion of your online loan agreement, funds will be transferred swiftly into your bank account on the same day.

Contact the provider
If you can't raise the funds in time  contact the provider. They can be understanding if you explain the situation and you may be able to  sort out a payment plan with them. This is so  much better than getting default notices and late payment charges. Ignoring the bill won't make it go away and doing so can  damage your credit rating and potentially legal action taken against you.

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