Importance of getting children outdoors

Getting children outdoors is so important as part of their learning and development. Quite a lot of schools are now taking part in the daily mile intuitive to get children moving their bodies and improve their physical, social, emotional and mental health and wellbeing.

This is done by  giving children the chance to get outside every single day and do a mile a day of running/jogging. They can do this at there own pace and is a great way for them to socialise outside.

With children being more into using screens these days its more important than ever to encourage children to be outdoors and explore nature. Early years play outdoors isn't just about being good for their bodies and mind but children can learn so much from having fun outdoors and interacting in nature's playground.

We are lucky that Blake loves being outdoors and when at preschool he does get to spend a lot of time outdoors. His preschool has a great outdoor play area with a wide range of outdoor play equipment.

Even outside of preschool we try and get Blake outside as often as possible this is usually at the local park or just for a little walk since we don't have our own garden.When at the grandparents Blake loves going outside and exploring too.

 Learning isn't always about being stuck in a class room and learning from books. Being outdoors has so much learning potential from learning about the seasons up close to getting your hands dirty by planting and watering their own plants/fruit/veg. 

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