Green Dragon Eco Farm | Hogsaw

For the last day of the Easter Holidays we chose to go to the Green Dragon Eco Farm. Blake and I had been with a friend a few years back however I knew as he is older he would enjoy it more. 

The barns were a hit with Blake he really enjoyed looking at the animals. We brought a bag of feed  at reception for 50p to feed  the sheep, goats and pigs which Blake wasn't that interested in being involved in yet.

We did go back to the barn a bit later so we could involve Blake with feeding the lambs a bottle of milk.  

There is also a smaller area outside too where you can see rabbits and guinea pigs and there are certain times where you have the chance to stroke them.

We didn't get a chance to see the other animals timewise however we would love to go again as an all day trip rather than a few hours.

The farm has two different places to eat the first is the restaurant and then the cafe which we ate in. The cafe has a lovely soft play area which Blake decided to have a brief play in before deciding to play a game on Granny's IPhone while we waited for our lunch.

The cafe has some great food choices Stuart and I decided to go for a lamb burger with fries which was delicious. My mother in law went for soup and her husband went for a beef burger which looked delicous.  Blake had chips, beans and a fish goujon which also looked yummy, admittedly our fussy eater only ate the chips and beans.

The prices didn't look too bad either if you look at what you would normally pay for lunch on a day out like this.

As well as the soft play in the cafe there are also some other play areas too. There is another indoor play area we didn't have a chance to check out and then there is the outdoor play area that Blake loved.

The soft play area in the cafe is small but ideal for entertaining the children while waiting for their food. With slides and ball pits as well as other fun soft play apparatus they will at least be entertained for a short period of time.

The adventure playground has a wide range of different sized slides and climbing apparatus  suitable for all ages ( from what I could see). As Blake loves being outdoors this was definitely a popular choice with him as he kept wanting to go back.

Overall Green Dragon Eco Farm is a great place to enjoy a full day out. With loads of play equipment, animals and open spaces there is more than enough to keep children occupied.  We definitely want to be visiting again soon. 

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