Our Easter Weekend

We've had a lovely Easter weekend and I really hope you all have too.

On Saturday we headed out with my in laws to Waddesdon Manor for an Easter egg hunt. We are lucky to have quite a few national trust places nearby where we live. However as we hadn't prebooked for the one closest to us, we missed out. We ended up heading to Waddesdon Manor instead as you didn't have to book in advance, phew. 

The Easter egg hunt was such fun and we got to enjoy the gardens and look at the Aviary while we were there.  For the hunt you had to match up the picture of the birds to the names of them, which you could find on the posts around the grounds.  

In all fairness I think Blake was more happy splashing in the muddy puddles than anything else. I'm glad I managed to convince him to wear his wellies by wearing mine too. We definitely need to invest in a splash suit for Blake now. 

As for Sunday it started off with giving Blake his Easter basket that I had made up for him. It's something I like to do every year, its such a fun thing to do and I tend to be able reuse some items. As well as add a few new bits in so it's done on a smallish budget.

We headed over to the in laws for a roast dinner. I took his tablet with us to entertain him for a bit without him running around and have a bit of quiet time. 

Once we had dinner we headed out into the garden to do the Easter hunt which Blake seemed to really enjoy. We had to leave pretty shortly after though as Blake was getting so tired. 

Now it's Monday and we have no plans to go out and are just having a relaxed one. Blake's been playing with his favourite toys and we've even had cuddles on the sofa watching a bit of Hey Duggee. I do love days like this after we've had a busy time. I'm hoping the weather brightens up this week as i really want to be able to head out to the park with Blake. Since Blake has been at preschool I've been really cherishing  the times I spend with him as he is growing up so fast. 

What have you been up to this Easter? Have you joined in with an Easter egg hunt? Or maybe you do an Easter basket like us? I'd love to know.

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