Who's your Emergency Service Hero?

Everyday people working in emergency services save lives. Not only that but they deal with dangerous and life risking situations where they are completely selfless during the toughest times and for that reason they are true heroes.

All because of that and more they truly deserve a big thank you for what they do and to celebrate the team's behind their uniform and show appreciation for all the increadable work that they do on a daily basis.

Working in Emergency Services is a tough job and being able to reward those doing such a hard job is something that is important. The job isn't just about saving lives, it's a career that takes courage and determination along with dedication for their role. 

Do you want to say a big thank you to the firefighter who got your loved one out of danger, the paramedic that kept you calm and talked to you when you felt scared and needed someone? The ones that were there when you were feeling at your most vulnerable, the ones that went above and beyond not just because it's their job but because they genuinely care.

If so you can say thank you by nominating an emergency service hero  that you would like to see rewarded £2,000 to spend on Peli UK products, before 31st May.

Once you have done that all you have to do is wait to see if they have been short listed and visitors can vote for which team they would like to see win the prize!

It's definitely a great way to celebrate these heroic people and make them feel appreciated. 

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