I'm not attention seeking

Even though I've written a few posts now on mental health I still find it extremely hard to talk about. It's always encouraged by mental health professionals that talking about it is a good thing. However there is that worry of being seen as attention seeking by people who have never experienced mental health issues and just don't understand. 

Because of that a lot of people including myself feel like we are being a burden and end up pushing our loved ones away. This means I find it hard to ask for help when I need to.

Yesterday I went to see my GP as I have found things have been getting too much for me mental health wise recently. I've got into unhealthy habits of over eating and not being able to sleep. My anxiety has been sky high causing me to feel sweaty and panicky. Depression has left me with moments tearfulness, amongst other things. On top of this I'm not sleeping well and during the day I feel so physically exhausted. 

Yes it was hard for me to open up about how I am feeling, however I'm so glad that I have. Now I've had changes to my medication and have been given sleeping tablets to help me out too. Hopefully this will have a positive affect.

Talking about mental health is good for many reasons:

- You can get the help and support you need
- Reduces stigma 
- Raises awareness
- Saves lives. 

So when I share on my blog about mental health I'm not attention seeking and its certainly not a weakness. I want to be open and honest so that if someone reading my posts are feeling the way I do that opening up is not attention seeking and no matter how hard it is seeking help is such an important thing to do. 

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