In the night garden live (London 02)

For the 3rd year in a row the weekend just gone we headed of to see In the night garden live. This year we headed off to London again this time the showdome we went to was situated near the 02. This was a bit of an easier location for us to get to than Richmond like last year, however they will still be doing a show again there mid June.

Like the previous years  there are a choice of two shows; the Ninky Nonk show where Iggle Piggle loses his blanket and the the Pinky Ponk Show where Makka Pakka washes faces. This year we chose to see the Pinky Ponk show again because timewise that show was the most ideal for us.

In the night garden live takes place in its own all-weather, purpose-built inflatable Showdome with many family-friendly facilities. This dome is a huge hit with children and parents and its theatrical experience makes audiences feel they are actually entering the magical world of In the night garden. 

Each year we have gone we have been impressed with the facilities in the showdome. From microwaves to heat up milk to a changing area that has a good amount of space its so family friendly making it a less stressful experiance.

The experience of the show is magical from the starry night theme at the beginning of the show to the puppets and full sized versions of Iggle Piggle, Upsy Daisy and Makka Pakka.

Blake was so excited jumping around while waiting for the show to start and once it did he was shouting out who each character was, as they came on the stage. He loved the bubbles and was trying to catch them and even once the show was finished was clapping and shouting out yay!

After the show there is the opportunity to meet either Iggle Piggle or Upsy Daisy for £15 per character. This year we didn't do this Because of needing to get home. I think it would be a great idea to start doing an opportunity to meet Makka Pakka as well as the other two main characters.

In the foyer there are plenty of souvenirs starting at as little as £5 so there is bound to be something you can find that your little one would want. There is also a goody bag that you can purchase in advance for £29 which on the day cost £39 with goodies worth over £60. We found the goodie bag this year had great items included however we already had most of the items so chose to purchase a cuddly Makka Pakka for Blake instead which he adores.

If you fancy seeing In the night garden live this summer check out the website for more information.

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