Re,Cycle Me Set from Green Board Games

Crafts are something we don't do often enough with Blake. I think it's because I'm pretty lazy in the sense I really don't want to clean up extra mess and he does that kind of thing at preschool anyway.

However after being sent the Re,Cycle, Me set from Green Board Games last month I decided to get it out and have some craft time at the weekend together.

The craft set is a fun way of turning garbage into art. There are many different Re, Cycle, Me sets from Green Board Games however we got sent this set which has all the bits to make 5 different art projects.

In this set you can make A robot, aeroplane, train, car and rocket. The set contains nearly everything you need to get started all you have to get yourself is the toilet/kitchen roll tubes and glue as the kit contains all the other bits needed.

In the box you will find Paints, paper shapes, stickers and more plus the instructions on how to make each art project.

We decided to try out making the robot as  it looked the easiest out of the lot to do and I was glad that it was simple and fun for Blake and I to do together. 

All we had to do was get a toilet role tube which Blake had fun painting green. Yes his clothes got messy and he decided to paint his hands but seeing him laughing away and having fun made me realise we need to do this kind of thing together more. 

Once the tube had dried we stuck on the robot face stickers and then I selotaped the other bits on ( I couldn't find our glue)  and it was all done.

We are looking forward to make some more of the art projects from the sets now over the next few weekends. 

The great thing about the set to me is that it encourages children to be more aware of ways they can use rubbish to make something fun. With older children you can also talk about ways on which you can recycle and how it affects our plant and how we can do our bit. So its also a great way to encourage learning about something important.

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