3 Popular Festivals in Spain

I don't know about you but when visiting another country I love to know about their culture and traditions. I've yet to visit mainland Spain however its a popular destination. I'll certainly check prices at holiday gems. There are many popular festivals in spain and I'd certainly love to experiance going to at least one of them in the future. 

 La Tomatina, Buñol, Spain

A crazy tradition that started 70 years ago and held for fun on the last Wednesday of August. Every year thousands of people throw tomatoes at each other.  It's so popular that people are just visiting Spain to join in and tickets sell out fast!

Running of the Bulls — Pamplona, Spain

Celebrated every year between 6th and 14th July the Running of the bulls is a famous festival where the bulls are lead through the streets as far as the bull ring by runners.Celebrated in honor of San Fermin, patron saint of Navarra, the festival is  seen as a gathering from all the corners of the world.

The Fallas of Valencia, Valencia,Spain 

In March a big festival takes part in Valencia city all day for an entire week. There are gigantic, colourful statues and figures that fill the city's squares and streets. Every day at 2 pm, you can enjoy spectacular shows with music and then the evening's firework displays. The festival finishes on the last day with the statues burnt during a live show which many people feel is the highlight of the event.

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