4 Tips on how to save big on your car

It may come as no shock, that buying a car is the second biggest purchase that a person generally makes, the first being buying a house. With this being in mind buying a great quality car that isn't going to break down is most likely going to cost you an arm and a leg. If you don't have a clue when it comes to cars than the tips below are so going to help you out to save you some £'s in the long term.

Buy a used car
Buying a used car is a great way of saving money as they are much more cheaper than buying brand new. When purchasing a used car you must make sure you do your homework eg: checking price guides and comparing  similar cars as well as budgeting carefully.  These are only a few things to check out along with using a  trustworthy trader for example you can purchase Renault Used Cars that are available at KAP Brighton who offer an extensive range of second hand cars.

Get your car serviced regularly 
Getting your car serviced regularly helps to maintain your car and prevent major costs in the long run. Your car should have a minor service at least every year this way you can replace anything that needs sorting asap.

Shop around for insurance 
Shopping around for your car insurance can save you quite a bit. When its time to renew get quotes from 4 different companies first and never auto renew. You may be able to haggle and reduce the cost with your current insurance provider if not its worth switching.

Wash your car yourself
Why waste money when you can just do it yourself?  There are car wash centres opening up everywhere, but when you think about it if you are having your car washed at £5 every 2 weeks that's £120 a year. £120 that could be put into savings or spent on fixing issues with your car. I understand that some people have busy lives but if you are wanting to seriously save where you can this is an option.

 Keep an eye on petrol prices
Keep an eye on the costs of your fuel by noting prices down around your local area as some garages work out cheaper than others.

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