Importance of Car Maintenance and check list

The summer holidays are fast approaching which means getting out and about to stop the kids from getting bored. With this in mind its important to make sure that your car is road worthy. It's so important to check your car regularly to make sure your car is safe to prevent any accidents and/or your car breaking down.

When it comes to car maintenance checking regaulary is key to keeping your car safe. By fixing any niggles you will be preventing any potential problems in the future which could end up being a costly business.

Here is a handy car maintenance checklist:

 Check your tyres

Make sure you check the tyres pressure regularly and checking your tread depth so that you replace tyres when needed. The pressure of your tyres can impact on your fuel economy as well as lead to poor performance from your car and an increased risk of your safety, if not inflated correctly. As for the tread depth of your tyres the law requires a minimum tread depth is 1.6mm if you don't have this you are putting yourself and other drivers in danger and risk getting points on your licence.

 Check your lights
The last thing you want is to head out to find out that the bulbs have blown or has a minor crack. Checking and finding any issues before you plan heading  out on long journeys will save you time and money in the long run

Check your oil
This should be done regularly you can measure your cars oil by using a dipstick on older models and by electric measure on newer cars. By checking regularly you will be preventing any issues with your engine 

Keep an eye on your exhaust 
If your exhaust is leaking than it can allow the dangerous gases to seep into your car which is hazardous for the driver/passengers. It's important that if you have a leaking exhaust that you get it seen to by a professional. 

 Don't forget a service and MOT
Getting your car serviced regularly helps to maintain your car you can get your car servicing in Northampton at Calmac Tyres AutocentreDon't forget the dates of your service and MOT.  Make sure you have the dates written down whether on your calender, diary or your mobile. An MOT is a legal requirement for cars over 3 years old so there is no excuse. 

If you are traveling this summer, especially on long journeys than you must make sure you take every precaution to make sure your car is roadworthy. There are no excuses its important for both you, your passengers and other drivers on the road.

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