Mardles DiscovAR Colouring Book and AR Sticker Pack

Bring the future of play to your home with Mardles and their Augmented Reality technology for kids to enjoy. Today I am sharing with you my thoughts on the 4D Colouring Book and AR sticker pack and how they work. The 4D interactive colouring books come in 4 designs Aquatic Adventurers (the one we have), Galactic Quest, Home and Garden and In the Jungle. Filled with fun and exciting scenes to colour in with their favourite pens, pencils or crayons. It’s so easy! All you have to do is download the free app,colour, scan and interact. This book features 15 fun 4D interactive colouring pages including dolphins, whales, shipwrecks and a whole lot more. For even more fun, flip into Virtual Reality mode where your little ones can fully immerse in their own creation.

The Under The Sea Interactive 4D Stickers come in a pack of 12 : Bring playtime to life using our FREE Augmented Reality app and these magical 4D interactive stickers. A real taste of the underwater, from mermaids to seahorses, you may even spot a naughty Octopus! It’s so easy! Stick. Scan. Interact.

I was excited to discover and try out the Mardles interactive colouring book as well as the stickers especially with it being the Aquatic Adventures book and Under The Sea stickers. We''ve taken Blake to an aquarium a few times and saw some fish in a few shops too so thought this was a great set to go for. Mardles products use Augmented Reality technology to come to life on your smartphone or tablet. The DiscovAR  app is free to download and is available to download via Apple App Store, Google Play or Amazon Apps.

Once you have downloaded the DiscovAR app, for the colouring book all you need to do is choose which illustrations to colour in ready to pop up on your screen. On the DiscovAR app you start by creating an alien character, select the colouring book mode, choose your book and page, and then hold your device over the coloured in page. This bit took me a few attempts before i could get it up and working on my tablet. When the scene comes to life your alien is in the picture too, ready to explore. You can switch to VR mode, too, which lets you move your device around and explore your colourful creation in 360°. In the VR mode dont forget you can collect fun facts about the scene by steering your alien into them. 

As you can probably see from my colouring skills its a good idea to colour in the sea creatures a bit more and with more brighter colours so that they stand out more. I'm going to find Blake's felt tips for our next go. It's good to see though that even if u do only colour lightly you still can still see the sea creatures come to life

The colouring book also comes with 6 free action cards which are used with the DiscovAR app. These are a fun way to bring your alien to life by making them do different things such as brushing their teeth, dancing and use binoculars. All you have to do is pop the cards out, select the action card you want to use and scan the chosen card to see your ailen do the action. 

Blake although wasn't too interested at the moment with the colouring still enjoyed being involved and seeing the scene and his alien come to life.  I love that the colouring book encourages children to use thier imagination and get to see how their colouring creation looks in 4D. 

As for the stickers these are loads of fun too. Kids love stickers so Argumented Reality sticker packs are such a fun idea! You will need to download the Mardles app which is different from the DiscovAR app, which I at first didn't realise. Then just like you did with the colouring book you just need to scan the sticker so that it comes to life. You can have lots of fun steering them across the screen with the on screen controls. 

We love that the stickers come in a pack of 12 and that there are 12 different 4D sticker packs. You can also choose from the 12 different packs available such as under the sea, bugs and beasts, cuties (includes unicorns) and Forrest friends.

You can also capture memories on both the apps using the selfie and photo modes. 

The Mardles DiscovAR colouring books £7.99) and AR sticker packs (£4.99) are suitable for children 3 years and over. Once the apps are downloaded and installed you don't need WI-Fi or mobile connection to enjoy the fun. This makes these great for travelling or when in holiday with no internet connection available.  

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