5 most common driving offences

Even though I don't drive I'm aware of some of the laws in regards to driving and being safe on the road. However every year there are around  250,000 motorists out there that are banned from driving due to an array of driving offences. If you get in trouble you may need to find driving offenses solicitors to help you out.

Here are 5 of the most common driving offences here in the UK:

Using a mobile phone while driving
I'm shocked with the amount of people I see on a daily basis using a phone at the wheel. It's so dangerous whether calling or texting its a no no unless hands free. The exception of these circumstances are an emergency or you are safely parked. This doesn't mean just because you have stopped at a traffic light you can use your phone. 

This being the most common reason doesn't surprise me at all. I've seen many  cars speeding especially in areas where you are meant to be driving 20 or 30.  Motorists are often caught out with speed cameras or police vans. 

Driving without insurance
Driving without insurance or without the correct insurance is seen as a serious offence. Driving bans aren't uncommon for this offence. Driving with invalidated or no insurance and being caught can also seriously jeopardize your chances of getting insurance in the future and you would need to be prepared to fork out sky high prices.

Failing to stop and report accidents 
An example is failing to report scrapes to avoid paying out and failing to stop means you can get an instant ban. Failing to stop and failing to report are technically classified as two separate offences, however drivers can still be prosecuted for both. 

Driving under influence
Another common driving offence is driving under the influence of drink and/or drugs. 
Some people don't realise that they can be breaking the law on some prescription  drugs. It's important that you check if you can drive whilst on them.

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