HYPOXI: promoteing healthy weight loss and toning

Are you wanting to loose the baby weight? Drop a dress size? Or loose weight and tone up before your wedding day? It can be disheartening at times if like me you struggle with your weight or even are fed up of them stubborn areas that need toning. HYPOXI Knightsbridge will help you to achieve your dream body shape quicker to boost your confidence making you feel better about your body. HYPOXI is a low impact exercise program recommended to be spread out across  4 weeks. HYPOXI is considered to be 3x more effective than any other methods, allowing you to lose weight safely and painlessley. 


The HYPOXI is a training concept that combines vacuum and compression technology with exercise to stimulate fat metabolism in your targeted body area/s. Excerises are about 30 minutes using HYPOXI machines  there are 4 different training machines available to use depending on the kind of areas of your body that you are wanting to concentrate on. For me the area of my body I dislike the most is my stomach as I am an apple shape fat tends to stick in this area the most and I find it the last place I loose weight.  It's great that there are a selection of training machines that offer to help with the target areas you want to focus on. The fact that you only need to use the machines for half an hour is great especially if like me you tend to be busy and finding the time to fit in exercise can be a challenge . 

Qualified professionals are also on hand to supervise to make sure  that your training is safe and suitable. The method is suitable for everyone, allowing both men and women to target those stubborn areas and as its gentle exercising it  is suitable for any age and mums wanting to get rid of the pregnancy weight .The programe is also personalised to you and your exact needs after all we all have different goals, metabolism and daily routines. 

Eating a well balanced diet along with exercising go hand in hand when it comes to effectively loosing weight. HYPOXI also have a nutrition and diet plan which helps to enhance your results to get you the body you want quickly.