Ways to Optimize your posts for SEO

SEO (Search engine optimisation) is important when it comes to blogging and its a topic that I am still forever learning about and trying to understand.  SEO is about getting on the first page of Google when someone searches for certain words. You then want people to click on the link to your blog. 

Today I wanted to give you some SEO help with the basics so you can start optimizing your content. You could also use an SEO agency if you feel that is the best way for you. 

Do your keyword research

Chances are you are already using keywords without realising. However there are tools to help you find the related keywords. I use the Google AdWords Keyword tool for this however there are others you can use for example on WordPress the Yoast plugin.

Utilize keywords throughout your posts

It's important to place the keywords you plan on using where they have the most impact. Some of the places you should think about including them are:

-The title

-Introductory sentence
- Concluding paragraph
- Anchor text (text you hyperlink to other related pages on your site)
- Title tags and meta descriptions

Optimizing images
This is something I need to start doing as I often forget. When uploading an image to your blog be sure to use keywords in the file name. 

Reference others

If mentioning another blogger or article in a post, link to the blog/article not only is it polite it gives you a chance to use quality links as they are valuable for blogs looking to rank higher in the search engines results. 

I hope this post has given you some SEO help as I know it can be a confusing topic.

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