Upping Sticks and buying our first home

Late last year Stuart and I sat down and had a chat about our plans for the future. One of our main goals is to get on the property ladder instead of renting. We currently live in Bedfordshire and have found the constant rising house prices meant that living here is just far to expensive. We decided that even though its a hard decision to move away a bit up north.  We are now in the process of purchasing our first home in Lincolnshire. There are many benefits of buying your own home and one of the big things for us is that we will have more security. 

At the moment we are currently waiting to exchange contracts and to get a completion date which we ideally want by the end of the month. We need to be out of the flat by mid February anyway so it's all systems go with decluttering and packing so you can imagine its a stressful time for us at the moment. 

With that in mind its likely that my blog is going to be on the quiet side as we are definitely going to be busy over the next month or so. At the moment I'm pretty anxious about it all but our solicitor has told us that the contract will be sent out next week. Honestly I didn't realise how sky high my nerves could be! 

I'm definitely feeling an overwhelming mixture of feelings from excitement about owning our home and exploring a new area to feeling anxious about moving away and not having family and friends as close.

We are also hoping to head up there at some point before we move to measure up and take some photos.  I'm hoping to share with you some home related posts especially as we want to decorate and there are some rooms we want to get done more sooner than others such as Blake's bedroom. We also need to sort out a new window in the attic room  and also want to get a new front door sorted.

I'll definitely be back with a house update soon.

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