#LittleLoves March 2019

March has been another good month. We are getting more settled in our house now, although there are moments it still feels a bit strange. We've had both sets of family over to visit us already which has really helped. We've also been coming up with ideas and decided what part of our home we want to get sorted first etc. Our new door was fitted the beginning of the week which we are pleased with. Blake's still settled although we are struggling to get him into a pre school around here atm due to him needing 1 to 1 support.

I've actually managed to do quite a bit to include for my LittleLoves this month so here they are:

I've managed to read a crazy amount since my last littleloves post. Admittedly I have been reading from around 9pm to 1 am most nights as I've started having sleep issues again. I've read 8 books this month.

The Secret Library by Oliver Tearle 
Not only has this book got such a lovely front cover it was a great read for my  reading challenge. I've now ticked off reading a book about books. Oliver Tearle shares in this book well known titles that have helped shaped the world we live and also features other book related facts such as the forgotten Victorian novelist who outsold Dickens.

YOU by Caroline Kepnes
Having watched the series on Netflix back in January I knew I had to read the book. Obsessed with an aspiring writer a bookshop manger goes to extreme measures to be in her life. The book is an awesome thriller and I enjoyed it as much as the series if not more.

Beauty and the Beast - Lost in a book by Jennifer Donnelly 
You may be aware already that my favourite Disney film is Beauty and the Beast. When I spotted this book I just had to have it! It's an original addition to the fairy tail where it features lonely, bookish Belle who finds an enchanted book in the Beasts library called Nevermore. The book takes her into a glittering new world, although Nevermore turns out to be not what it seems.

Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty
Moriarty is one of my favourite authors, unfortunately although I did enjoy this book it didn't live up to her usually writing in my opinion. The story features 9 strangers who are about to find out if a 10 day cleanse in a health resort can really change you forever.

The Tattoist of Auschwitz By Heather Morris
Based on the true story of Lale and Gita Sokolov, two Slovakian Jews who survived Auschwitz and eventually made a home in Australia. A harrowing story that is beautifully written. There may be thousands of fiction books featuring the Holocaust however this one is a compelling read that I loved.

The Thing About Clare By Imogen Clark
Definitely not my favourite read of the month. I did find some parts of the book getting boring and found I was trying to painfully get through it. The story is about the Bliss family. Featuring a dying wish and devestating secrets and makes you ask should the truth really stay buried.

Our house by Louse Candlish
A bright January morning in London, a family moves into a house they brought on Trinity Avenue. Nothing strange about that. Except its your house. And you didn't sell it. A gripping book that has a rollercoaster of events and features deceit and lies. 

The women in the Window by A.J.Finn 
A thriller that reminds me a bit like The girl on the train. Slow paced to begin with however it soon got gripping and I found myself drawn into what had happened.

So glad to have internet back and be able to binge watch some great shows and films on Netflix!


The Umbrella Academy 
Reunited after their father's death, estranged siblings  with extraordinary powers uncover shocking family secrets. I was hooked from the first episode and raced through it.

Dirty John
Based on real life events Businesswoman Debra Newells life unravels after she falls for the lies and manipulation of John Meehan.

The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann
Everyone's been talking about it in social media and viewing there thoughts on what has happened. I'm unsure what has happened as there are so many theories and the police obviously didn't do there job properly especially within the first 24 hours of her disaperance.

Workin Moms
Maternity leave is over for these moms and its time for these four Moms to go back to work. See them learning to navigate kids, bosses, love and life in modern day Toronto.


I feel pretty
After an accident at spin class a women who is usually plagued by doubt wakes up with new found confidence.

Isn't it romantic 
After hitting her head an architect who hates romantic comedies wakes up to find her life has become a dazzling, cliche-driven romcom.



Jade Bird- My Motto 
Ava Max  - So am I
Emile Sande - Sparrow

We heard from Blake's pedatrition this month who has confirmed that Blake is Autistic. It's been a long slog to get to this point however we releaved and are determined for Blake to get the help he requires to make his full potential. 


I've been wearing a new perfume this month. I was gifted it for my mother's day gift guide, however I had to mention it here as well due to really loving it. SEKSY Elegance is an exotic, oriental fragrance for a sophisticated taste. With of notes mandarin, jasmine and blackberry musk.

Near the beginning of the month was pancake day and so we made delicious pancakes. My favourite topping is Nutella with strawberries and Stuart likes his the traditional lemon and sugar or with syrup.

Blake and I also made up his new my kitchen fairy garden set and he now has some delicious microgreens to add to sandwiches or salads.

We also got around to making some delicious homemade yoghurt thanks to EasiYo and the opportunity to review their yoghurt maker and yoghurt mixes. 


We headed to Lincoln and went to see the museum of the moon at the collection museum. We are actually heading to Lincoln again tomorrow for a gaming festival Stuart wants to go to. 

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