Primary School Admissions

Today parents all over the UK and Ireland will be eagerly and nervously waiting the news on which school their child/ren  will be attending from September. In fact some parents like us may already have heard. Not everyone is going to be happy with the decision that's been made. However, we are one of the lucky ones and Blake has an offer made for his first choice school.We've had to put him down for a mainstream school as at current there is no EHCP in place for us to apply for a SEN school however we are happy with our result as the school he's been offered we really liked when we visited.

5 years ago today I had found out I was pregnant with Blake so it's special in a way that we found out today. Honestly the whole thing is an emotional rollercoaster now we know what school he will be going to and I can't help but wonder where the time has gone and how my baby is going to school in September.  If like me you are feeling a mixture of feelings you are far from alone as I'm sure that most parents are feeling the same. 

I'm feeling so excited for Blake starting his new chapter of school life and thrilled we got into his first choice school. The school is round the corner and when we had a look around we were happy with the facilities and knowing that they have children with Autism who go there and there is the right support available. 

I feel tearful knowing that Blake is starting school this year when it just doesn't seem possible. To me he still feels like his still a baby and I guess I'll always see him that way.

I feel nervous because of his additional needs. I'll definitely feel more at ease once I know about 1 to 1 support he will get etc. I'm also nervous for him due to us having relocated he won't know anyone so it'll be all starting again for him. 

I hope you have had good news on your choice of school for your little one.

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